Christie Walk Ecocity

Christie Walk is named for the long-time social and environmental activist, Scott Christie, partner of Joan Carlin, part of the community of people who have initiated and sustained this unique development. This community has contributed to the design, development and construction of Christie Walk in a commitment to the human values of urban living and ecological responsibility.

The project, located in Adelaide City's south west quarter, was designed to test and demonstrate the processes, plans and principles contained in the ecological city vision of Urban Ecology Australia (UEA), a non-profit association for environmental education. It is part of the Whitmore Square EcoCity Project - a conceptual strategic framework adopted by UEA for mapping the southwest quarter of the city as a future piece of ecocity. The design brief was based on energy efficiency, the use of renewables and a high overall ecological performance allied to user-participation in the design and development process. It was intended to set the parameters for a project able to demonstrate both the physical and organisational aspects of community and ecological development.

Christie Walk Project won the Silver Prize in the 2006 Ryutaro Hashimoto APFED Awards for Good Practice (an international environment and development award), and was a 2005 finalist in the international BSHF World Habitat Awards.

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